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Finding Inspiration in Nature

 What's happening . . . 

 Next Gift Shop sale May 5 & 6

Spring is  in the air and our next sale will be May 5 (10 to 5) and May 6 (noon to 5).  We can't wait for spring to actually get here, so our feature wall theme will be "Dy(e)ing for Spring" as we not only display uniquely hand-dyed fabrics, but all types of spring themed arts and crafts to celebrate the season.

Nature Sightings

We've really been enjoying all the deer that come to nibble at all the surplus seeds dropped under our feeders.  We also got a real kick out of watching a young moose that wandered right up to the house one morning to sample bits of dried leaves and stems before settling in to eat some poplar buds.  The Chickadees are also happily singing their "Springs Coming" call.

This photo gallery showcases examples of some of the hand-crafted items we produce for sale under the theme of "finding inspiration in nature".