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 What's happening . . . 

Join us Saturday, February 15th for a special Valentine's         "We Love Nature and our Customers" Show and Sale.

 We want to show our love of nature and appreciation for our customers by having a special Valentine's Show and Sale on Saturday, February 15th from 10 to 5 .  We will be offering 14% off all purchases with select items being up to 50% off the listed price.  Don't miss this opportunity to pick up something beautiful from the Studio at a really great price - you deserve it!!  

    Dragonfly over the Wetland fused glass wall hanging.Dragonfly over the Wetland fused glass wall hanging.

Nature Sightings

While many may not enjoy winter, out here at the Sanctuary even winter storms are beautiful as the snow tends to drift down gracefully from the sky.  It's also never lonely or boring with a plethora of birds visiting the feeders and who knows when a family of deer or moose might wander through the yard.  We were surprised just the other day to see a Northern Flicker come to the bird feeders.  Not sure what it was looking for, but it was certainly a unique winter visitor for us anyway!


We produce quite a wide variety of nature crafts at the studio, so this 'miscellaneous" gallery page showcases many of the other items you may find for sale through our venue.